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Stephen Sabatella, Broker

PROPERTY WEBSITE ⌘ GOOGLE MAPS SOLD $825,000$76,000 over asking | 16 days on market MID-CENTURY MODERN GEMMO...

The life expectancy of home appliances

Stephen Sabatella, Broker

Whether you’re shopping for a home or already own one, knowing the current age of the appliances is importan...

USDA Loans – They Just May be the Best Option for Low-Income Buyers

Stephen Sabatella, Broker

Keeping your nose to the grindstone, using credit wisely and responsibly and paying your bills on time every m...

Kick stink bugs out of the house, naturally

Stephen Sabatella, Broker

If you haven’t met your fair share of stink bugs this year, brace yourself. Although stink bug season is off...

3 Things to know about buying a new-construction home

Stephen Sabatella, Broker

Will this be the year you buy a brand-new home? Don’t be discouraged by news reports claiming that “U.S. h...

Quick fixes for a stinky home

Stephen Sabatella, Broker

Inured. That’s just a fancy way of explaining how we humans can, over time, become accustomed to something u...

Dreaming of life on a golf course?

Stephen Sabatella, Broker

There was a time when real estate agents could confidently tell their clients that one of the biggest advantag...

Your down payment: What are “seasoned and sourced funds?”

Stephen Sabatella, Broker

Sometimes (not often enough, in our opinion) money falls into our laps. Tax returns, bonus checks, gifts and a...

Autumn: the perfect time to whip that mudroom into shape

Stephen Sabatella, Broker

Folks who live in areas of the country with wild winter weather use a vocabulary that sounds like a foreign...

Here’s what you need to know about the current real estate market

Stephen Sabatella, Broker

Whether you’re entertaining notions of buying or selling a home, you’re no doubt keeping up with housing n...


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